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"My Personal Chef Services are preparing meals from right inside your home. You can host your event without the worries of the kitchen.

Happy Tastebuds, Happy Customers" - Pat

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Bringin​g Joy to Others

Whether it is family, friends, or customers, Pat lives to please others with conversation and a memorable dining experience. Putting a smile on someone’s face and filling their belly with sumptuous food is his number one goal every time he puts on his apron.  Whether you are looking for a chef just to provide the meal to go celebrate life's milestones or you are looking for a caring host for your dinner conversation and tasting experience, Pat is the chef for you. Moreover, Pat is happy to simply provide the food for you and your guests to experience.

Striving for the Perfect Recipe

Pat loves to experiment with new recipes whenever he gets a chance and innovates by making each and every recipe his own. He will commonly tweak ingredients and techniques until the result meets his strict standards.  While some chefs are only comfortable cooking foods of a certain ethnic background, Pat equally enjoys working with a vast array of ingredients. He knows no boundaries when it comes to cooking styles and techniques and cooks everything from Greek and Italian to Chinese  and much more!

Experience is King

Between over 30 years of career baking, 7 years of career chef work, and a lifetime of cooking for friends and family, Pat has done it all and seen it all when it comes to cooking. Pat is highly familiar with all of the elements that are essential to a complete dining experience.  He loves to work with an incredible variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts and specializes in crafting personalized menus to make dinner the best meal of the day. Moreover, Pat understands all facets of flavour profiles and loves working with customers to overcome dietary restrictions and to arrive at the ideal meal to make your private event as perfect as can be.

Parties by Pat policies;

*72 hour cancellation

*Functions from 2 to 20 people

*Chef services require working in customers kitchen

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